There’s chocolate, there’s
good chocolate,
Our Chocolate
We took our time to get it right
Milk Mint

Our natural flavoring of Créme De Menthe essential oil pairs perfectly with our milk chocolate. Offering that natural refreshing taste you can only experience with mint, while absorbing the distinct cannabis flavor.

The combination of chocolate and mint has been a palete favorite to many. Our preference was to embrace the medicinal benefits, known to be rich in vitamins A and C.

Dark Sea Salt
The salt crystals are harvested from ancient sea salt deposits, found deep within the Himalayas.

This all-natural course variety was selected for it’s pink hue and to offer a crunchy texture with a salty kick. Perfectly complimenting the bittersweet flavor of our dark chocolate. This high in cocoa formula is known for it’s anti-oxident properties

We Cultivate By Hand
We believe in the authentic value of an all-natural, hand made process. The cultivation of our cannabis is no exception and we’re proud of the natural purity and efficacy of our full spectrum cannabis oil.

We get dirty when growing our rare, indica dominant Triple Chocolate Chip phenotype from seed.

We nurture them, we speak to them and in turn, they produce our premium, potent and flavorful flower.

The Best Beans Make the Best Chocolate
It all starts with a quality bean.

The perfectly balanced and rounded taste found in our chocolate comes exclusively from the organic cocoa beans farmed by the Cocoa Horizons company, who source their best produce from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador.

Their 100% sustainable farming process involves hand picking and hand shaking that uses zero machinery. Empowering the local communities through their Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Belgiums Finest, Crafted by hand
Our lengthy selection process to find the best ingredients has taken time due to our persistence in sourcing the core fundamentals of any premium product; the best quality, a natural process and the delicious flavor.

Our hand crafted chocolate is made authentically in the heart of Belgium. This well-loved family recipe has been passed on through generations of Chocolatiers for over 100 years.

The perfect chocolate bar has three must haves, and we nail them all.

Taste, Mirror Sheen and The Perfect Snap

Our process to creating the perfect snap is achieved through a calculated combination of temperature and mixing. Our skilled technicians have mastered this art of tempering.

Next, the vibration table plays it’s part in achieving the perfect taste and texture. Literally shaking the chocolate continuously until it’s glossy appearance and the consistency is just right.

These vital steps are nothing without an optimum environment.
Continuously monitored to maintain the stability of our texture and to ‘pull in’ more delicious flavor.

It’s why our chocolate bar tastes so damn good.

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