Grow Ohio stands by the quality and stability of our products and has formalized our Customer Support Process to provide better service to our Patients. When a product issue arises, the Grow Ohio Customer Support Process requires prompt reporting and documentation for us to take corrective action. If you have a question or concern about your purchase, please see the criteria below that must be met to submit a claim for consideration.

After speaking with your dispensing agent, and only when it is determined that a product issue may exist, please contact us by sending an email to with the following information included:

    • Patients Full name and 20-digit MMJ ID #
    • Butterfly Effect product name and a brief description of the issue
    • Photos of the product showing that it has not been consumed
    • Photos of the product or device you are reporting an issue with
    • Photos of the Grow Ohio Compliance Label
    • Photos of the original receipt must be provided
    • Submissions must take place within 14-days of the date of purchase
      • Product chain of custody is critical in the case of product issues; therefore, a narrow submission window is important to distinguish between a product issue related to manufacturing, as opposed to improper storage or improper customer handling/usage
    • Inquires will NOT be addressed if the above information is not provided or for products that have been consumed.
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